Craft and skilled labor 

Be(come) an expert in your field

Six Construct offers many opportunities to committed skilled workforce, recognizes their hard work, promotes craft excellence, offers benefits, and put their safety as a top priority. Our skilled labor have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and to practice their trade on interesting, complex projects.

The UAE is an oasis of opportunity for hard-working expatriates keen to support their families but who find jobs hard to come by at home. We directly employ more than 7330 workers across a variety of trades, on projects across the Middle East (80% are based in UAE) offering rewarding careers with training and opportunities for progression.

Onboarding program

Six Construct follows a 2-weeks onboarding program which gives the opportunities to the new workers to follow at BAA/ Yard the following activities:

  • Health & safety (mandatory)
  • Scaffolding - started 6 months ago
  • Steel fixing
  • Masonry
  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • “Right To Learn”- As part of Six Construct’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we believe that every individual deserves a chance to grow not only on the chosen profession but becoming literate of this world’s innovations.

Our process also offers mentoring, support, and information about the company culture and organizational structure.

Growth opportunities

Once we identify their good talent, recognise their strengths & the skills sets they carry which adds value, we ensure there’s a development plan whether a promotion, lateral move, coaching and/or leading a team etc…

By providing training programs & coaching, we make sure that every worker who works for us has the necessary resources to work in a total security. The success of our “Referral” program whereas some of our workers were employed via family, friends and colleagues.

We want Six Construct to be the employer by choice and the best place to work with.

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