Manzil students and BESIX to create construction art

1 November 2017

BESIX, the region's leading multi-services company operating in construction, recently welcomed the students from Manzil to one of the group's most iconic construction projects in Dubai.

The purpose of the site visit was a brief introduction for the students to the world of construction, and it also forms part of a collaboration with the BESIX Foundation and The Empty Quarter Fine Art Gallery in DIFC, whereby the Manzil students will be supplied with a variety of waste construction materials by BESIX to create unique pieces of artwork.

"We are very excited about this initiative, as it gives us the opportunity to serve the local community for a noble cause, and it also encourages volunteering amongst our employees," explained Gurubasu Shrishail Katageri, Senior Sustainability Engineer at BESIX.

"By providing the students with various construction materials to create the artwork, we are encouraging a spirit of 'upcycling' of waste construction materials, which is very important in today's world of minimising waste."

"It was also a very good learning experience for the students, as they learnt first-hand what it is like for engineers and construction workers to work in the heat during summer in Dubai," added Catheline Van Sull, Technical Manager at BESIX.

The art workshop, inspired and conceptualised by BESIX Foundation Ambassador Figen Kikki Keil, started early in October and will run through weekly sessions until mid-November. Artist, Paola Zarate will be guiding the students in creating the artwork, along with BESIX employees as volunteers. The final creation will be curated by Figen Kikki Keil and showcased at The Empty Quarter Fine Art Gallery in DIFC on Saturday 18 November 2017.

Dr. Ayesha Saeed Husaini, Director of Manzil concluded by adding, "By participating in this project, we are all able to learn how to reuse waste material, and it also gives our students the opportunity to help save the earth whilst creating a unique and beautiful piece of art."

"Manzil is also currently focusing on sustainability and recycling, we are very proud and delighted to be part of this amazing project organised by the BESIX Foundation and The Empty Quarter Fine Art Gallery in DIFC."



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