Project Brussels, Belgium

KBC Headquarters

Diamond effect

Activity: Buildings
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With its four towers interleaved with geometric structures, the KBC headquarters building is more than just an office block. In its central atrium, light streams from the sky through a glazed, diamond-shaped cupola. This construction project tapped into the BESIX Group’s wealth of expertise.

Resolutely geometric

KBC bank dreamed up a sparkling geometric design for its Brussels headquarters. Four symmetrical central towers, each ten storeys high, are framed by lower-rise connecting structures. The building can accommodate 2,000 employees. It boasts a 300-seat conference hall and a 600-seat restaurant. Four levels of underground car parking provide a total of 875 spaces.

Concrete, aluminium, glass and granite

The BESIX group provided the concrete structure for the central core and building shell, and undertook or coordinated various finishing works. The most symbolic of these finishing works are found in the five atria, crowned by glazed skylights with a metallic structure. The central atrium is 48m tall, and covered by diamond-shaped glazing. The façades combine curtain walls, granite panels and aluminium window frames.

Project details

Project name

KBC Headquarters

Area(s) of expertise

Offices, Banks

Contract type



Brussels, Belgium


BESIX, Vanhout NV


Kredietbank nv

Building Period

1992 - 1995


Jaspers & Partners

Total value

€ 41.8 million

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