Project Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Yas Mall

A new generation shopping centre

Sector: Buildings

20 minutes from Abu Dhabi, Yas Mall is a luxury shopping and entertainment complex. With its gigantic concrete structure and quality finishing, it was the first building to earn 2 pearls on the Estimada sustainability scale. A feat bearing Six Construct's signature.

Titanic concrete structure

Before opening its 230,000 m² of shops, restaurants, cinemas and leisure centres, its spacious covered avenues and its parking lots and driveways, the Yas Mall was a 1.4 million m² building site. To produce its gigantic, multi-level concrete structure (378,000 m³), temporary openings had to be left in the floor decks for the huge tower cranes. On completion of work, these were extracted using 250 tonne mobile cranes.

Flexibility and finishing

Ahead of the grand opening, Six Construct had to demonstrate its creativity in making certain modifications: relocating a number of air conditioning units, installing new lifts and escalators, modifying the flooring to take heavy sculptures... The team also helped retailers fit out their brand new premises, taking into account these last-minute changes.

Two pearls for the environment

Yas Mall is the first shopping centre to earn two pearls in the Estidama rating system, aimed at making Abu Dhabi a model for sustainable urbanization, and the first building in the emirate to meet these strict requirements. These involve more than photovoltaic roof panels. Throughout the project, Six Construct used environmentally friendly materials and followed strict plans for waste management and indoor air quality.

Project details

Project name

Yas Mall

Area(s) of expertise


Contract type



Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Six Construct


Aldar Properties PJSC

Building Period

2011 - 2013


AECOM Middle East Ltd.

Total value

€ 421 million

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