Project Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai Cargo Terminal

Metal construction and penstock

Sector: Buildings

The extension to the cargo terminal at Dubai International Airport has been in operation since the early 1990s. BESIX constructed this extension during the first Gulf war, including a built-in surface water drainage and pumping system into Dubai Creek.

Steel and concrete structures

Dubai International Airport has had additional cargo transportation infrastructure since the early 1990s. BESIX built the vast 27,000m² storage hangar and administrative building, both with a steel frame structure and precast concrete panels. A two-storey concrete structure measuring 10,000m² is dedicated to air freight agencies.

Intelligent irrigation

BESIX built all the access roads, aircraft gates, fences, parking and loading/unloading areas. It also created the areas of planting surrounding the terminal. BESIX has installed an intelligent irrigation solution for these areas, based on a sophisticated surface water drainage and pumping station.

Despite the very difficult conditions which prevailed, our team delivered a high-quality project in record time.

Ivan Bruyninckx
Project Director

Project details

Project name

Dubai Cargo Terminal



Contract type



Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Six Construct


Government of Dubai Department Civil Aviation, United Arab Emirates

Building Period

1990 - 1991


International Bechtel Inc.

Total value

€ 47.7 million

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